The history and use of nitrous oxide in the food industry

Nitrous oxide (N2O), also known as laughing gas, has long been used outside of medicine. Its history in the food service industry dates back to the 19th century, when its preservative properties were discovered and it began to be widely used in food production. Find out all about nitrous oxide!


The history of nitrous oxide in the food service industry

Nitrous oxide has been gaining popularity in various fields, including the food service industry, since the 1960s. N2O was first used in cooking as a whipping cream agent, helping to create light, fluffy creams without the need to whip cream by hand for a long period of time. Modern technologies allow for even greater use of this gas, and its history in the food service industry is full of innovations and creative applications.

The use of nitrous oxide in the food industry

Due to its raising, preserving and freezing properties, nitrous oxide is widely used in the food industry.

Nitrous oxide as a propellant gas

Nitrous oxide is commonly used in the food service industry as a propellant gas. N2O acts as a propellant in whipped cream dispensers, helping to dispense cream quickly and efficiently, which is essential in cake shops and restaurants. Nitrous oxide makes it possible to create perfectly whipped, light and fluffy cream in no time. It can also be used in fermentation processes to support the growth of the microorganisms responsible for this very process. In the food industry, N2O is also used to package food in a protective atmosphere, extending shelf life and preserving freshness. The gas is frequently used to remove oxygen from packaging to prevent oxidation and spoilage.

Safety and quality standards

In the food industry, where product quality and safety are of crucial importance, it is essential to select the right ingredients. Nitrous oxide, used to whip cream, make marshmallows, fluffy sauces and mousses, and carbonate beverages, is an essential part of these processes. Noox Fun food-grade nitrous oxide is of exceptionally high quality – it meets medical gas standards, which sets it apart from the competition. Commonly used food-grade versions are frequently sold as lower quality products that may contain impurities. Therefore, Noox products guarantee not only culinary excellence, but also safety and confidence in the purity of the gas used.


Examples of food products in which N2O is used

Apart from whipped cream, nitrous oxide can be found in other food products, such as:

mousses and creams: N2O is used to prepare fruit mousses, dessert creams, and other confectionery. It gives them a fluffy texture and a delicate flavour, making them a real treat for the palate;

carbonated beverages: N2O is becoming an increasingly popular addition to carbonated beverages, particularly those with an unusual flavour or consistency;

dairy products: N2O plays an important role in the production of cheeses and certain dairy products, controlling fermentation processes and influencing the texture and taste of the final product. This allows us to enjoy delicious dairy products with a perfect texture and a rich flavour.

Innovative technologies and new applications – Noox

Noox Fun offers an innovative approach to using nitrous oxide in the food industry. Our high-quality product stands out for its quality and safety. It is available in two variants: Noox Day and Noox Night.

Noox Day, available in 640 g and 680 g steel cylinders, is designed primarily for cake shops and restaurants, while Noox Night, intended for bars and nightclubs, is available in lightweight aluminium cylinders with a glow-in-the-dark label to attract customers’ attention and add a unique touch to any event.

Both variants contain the same high-quality gas, allowing the product to be tailored to customers’ specific needs.