NOOX Day Cream Charger 640/680g N2O Tank

Day like any other? Not this time!

Turn it into a real culinary celebration that you will celebrate together with your customers. Noox Day will help you with this – the cleanest food gas on the market and the best way to prepare unique dishes and surprising desserts.

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Fine dining restaurants

Elevate your dishes with the best cream charger on the market. Peas puree with one press? Contemporary fusion dish with smoke? There is no job Noox can't do with excellence. We promise Noox will not interact with your vision of flavor and aromas. There are no compromises in Culinary, so we have created Noox Day.

Catering services

Noox is your reliable buddy who will help to deliver consistency, contributing to your reputation for quality. Do not make any compromises in safety or efficiency while working with a large volume or while being mobile.

Dessert boutiques and coffee shops

A filling or topping or an espresso cocktail? Want to serve desert-style coffees? We know you care about a tasty and visually appealing menu. Noox Day has your back so that you can focus on other bazillion things that must be taken care of.

Ice cream parlours

Sense ice cream as something completely new! Noox makes possible to create compositions of ice cream desserts which quality values are of the most exquisite. This advantage will be recognised by customers and they will lose their heads for it admiring its flavors, textures and consistency which are not to be found anywhere else.

is better
than others?


Cleaner than a shirt washed in a washing powder advertisement - it is the only one on the market that meets the highest medical standards of cleanliness, without causing a chemical aftertaste


Safer than your favorite armchair in the living room - it is entirely manufactured in a medical facility


Easier to use than automatically opening doors in a store! It's as easy as reloading an AK-47. Connect the hose or the included nozzle. Click! And that's it! Now just press or twist and enjoy the effect!


More spectacular than Michael Bay's films - thanks to it, dishes and cocktails not only taste better, but also look better

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About Product

Noox Day sets new standards of quality, cleanliness and safety. Use it with the speed of a machine gun and the precision of a surgeon, turning your dishes and desserts into true works of art.
Noox Day is magic that doesn’t require you to graduate from Hogwarts to master. Enchant your guests and turn their day into an amazing culinary adventure!

Key features:

  • the taste and appearance of your specialties will delight even those who have seen everything in the kitchen;
  • you will become a gastronomic scientist who will gain the opportunity to experiment and extract the best from your dishes;
  • creating dishes will give you a lot of joy and fun which result will be different flavors, consistencies and textures.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Noox Day and Noox Night?

Noox Day is a unique booster of dishes, desserts and cocktails. Thanks to it, lunch or dinner will turn into a unique adventure that will delight your guests. If you want Gordon Ramsay to envy your menu, choose Noox Day.

Noox Night is the best way to make impressive drinks that will look like a million dollars. An aesthetic bottle with a glow-in-the-dark label will allow you to prepare magical cocktails and decorate the bar. A crazy, unforgettable night – guaranteed!

However, both products have much in common – each of them contains the only medical purity N2O gas on the market, and each allows you to get the full flavor of life. During the day and at night.

What makes Noox stand out on the market?

Quality, quality and once again quality. Noox is the only one on the market made of medical grade gas. Thanks to this, it will never let you down – it will be 100% safe at any time of the day or night, it will not change the taste of the dish or drink and it will bring you more customers.

Chinese fakes? Chemical aftertaste? Or maybe the lack of any quality standards? Look for it elsewhere – here you will only find a premium product! We are like the Rolls-Royce Phantom in the world of gases.

Salt Bae became famous on the Internet mainly because of the way it seasones meat. You can become famous by adding pure Noox nitrous oxide to your dishes and drinks!

Where can I buy Noox?

A fully filled bottle of food-grade nitrous oxide can be yours in just a few clicks! Noox is available online on our website for wholesale customers.

Contact us and place your order and we will fulfill it as soon as possible. Your dishes and drinks cannot wait!

Do you want to order Noox in retail quantities? Don’t worry, it’s definitely possible! Ask our dealer in your country about the best Noox offer and surprise your loved ones!

What type of gas is used in Noox?

Noox contains pure N2O (99.999%) of the highest medical quality. Does it meet the requirements of food gases? Of course, but it’s not enough. Our N2O exceeds food standards sky-high! Can there be cleaner gas than that used in hospitals? Of course not. You simply won’t find a better one.

In short, Noox is to the world of food gases what a lion is to animals.

We will not guarantee that we will be the cheapest gas on the market, but we can guarantee you that we are the only one that is completely safe and that after trying Noox you will never buy another brand.

Can I become a Noox distributor?

Of course! Noox is for everyone and nothing stops you from building your future on it.

Write to and learn about our offer for distributors. We will provide you not only with access to the best food gas, but also a full marketing package and support in the form of various printed materials. Thanks to them, everyone will know that you have Noox and you will not hesitate
to use it!

What are the delivery details?

Snap your fingers – it’s ready, your Noox cylinders are already with you. We always try to ship orders at the speed of light (2-3 business days). However, Houdini’s tricks are not known to us yet, so we won’t tell you exactly how much you’ll pay for shipping. It all depends on where in the world you need some gas!

Is a minimum quantity required?

Remember that more Noox gas means more possibilities, and more possibilities mean more fun! Our standard minimum is one pallet, however for new distributors we can make an exception, but shhhh…. contact us for more information!

How to safely dispose of cylinders?

First of all, make sure there is no gas in the cylinder. Even if by some miracle you didn’t use all of it, you can drain the rest through the nozzle. Especially for this purpose, we add a free nozzle to each package.

Cylinder empty? You can now dispose of it in accordance with your local scrap disposal guidelines. It’s easy!

I have a problem, a Noox product is faulty or with the defect

We take care of Noox cylinders like David Copperfield took care of keeping his tricks a secret. Moreover, just as the famous magician was confident in his perfection, we are confident in our products. We are so confident of the quality of our product that the complaint form on the website is basically unnecessary.

However, if by some miracle you have any problem with your Noox product, then… Houston we’ve got a problem. Your problem is our problem.

Write to us, describe the problem, and we will do our best to solve it.

Do you know that when a Rolls-Royce breaks down on the road, a team of mechanics comes to it by helicopter? We cannot promise you that we will bring a group of cheerleaders by helicopter, but we guarantee a hassle-free solution to any situation immediately and without unnecessary formalities. You will also receive a corporate gift from us as an apology. Imagine the service at a Lexus showroom, if your car breaks down and you come to them, there is a row of mechanics standing in front of the showroom bowing apologetically. You are the King!

By choosing Noox, you become a VIP and you can always count on VIP treatment!