Whipped cream siphon chargers – a practical gadget for the catering industry

Do you run a restaurant or another catering establishment and wonder how to improve the efficiency of your day-to-day work? Siphons with N2O chargers are a small gadget that will surely steal your heart and save you a lot of time and energy. See what it can do!


Smart gadgets for modern kitchens

Why invest in your catering business? Primarily because when preparing meals for your customers, you probably want them to be of the highest quality possible. Any activity that can be done faster, more efficiently but also in a more attractive manner with the right gadget means saving time and convenience to you. Catering siphons with N2O chargers make it possible to obtain fresh whipped cream in a matter of seconds and serve it in the form of aesthetically pleasing blobs. Such solutions are extremely practical, inexpensive and reusable, which definitely makes them an excellent investment for virtually any business.

How do catering siphons with N2O chargers work?

These are vacuum flask-sized gadgets with N2O as aerating gas, sold in specially adapted cylinders, which fluffs up the contents, making them softer, fluffier and denser. All you have to do is pour the whipping cream inside, attach the N2O charger, tighten the other components and use the convenient handle to dispense the desired amount of whipped cream. You can also use this device to thicken sauces. How do they save you time and money? You do not have to buy ready-made spray whipped cream – all you need is whipping cream. You avoid whisking it with a mixer and putting it into a piping bag – the siphon with N2O charger is much easier to handle! This also works to the benefit of the environment – you do not use plastic piping bags or buy numerous metal tins with an atomiser.

What should you consider when choosing N2O chargers?

All products in the Noox range are designed for specialist applications – wherever you need a ‘wow effect’ when presenting your showpiece dish or dessert to your guests. We offer a Noox Day version – perfect for use when serving main courses, desserts and cocktails. The elegant blue tin will look great on the tabletop. Noox Night is an N2O charger perfect for evening displays of skills – it has a distinctive, glossy design and will surely catch the eye of your guests.


In which sectors of the catering industry are catering siphons useful?

The products we offer are highly versatile. They do not require any external power supply – they are filled with N2O, so they can offer you many new experiences during your culinary experiments. The whipped cream siphon charger can be used anywhere – in the open air, in a food truck, in the kitchen, in a restaurant in front of the guests. It is perfect for commercial premises, especially those with the highest number of outgoing orders, which require professional equipment to improve efficiency. Our customers can be entrepreneurs running:

  • a milk bar,
  • a food truck,
  • a drink bar,
  • a restaurant,
  • a patisserie,
  • a café,
  • diet catering,
  • an establishment with molecular gastronomy,
  • a mobile kitchen.

This is a small, light gadget that will meet your expectations. You can place it on the tabletop, where it will look extremely elegant. We offer N2O chargers in two fantastic colour versions. They are completely clean, toxin-free and hygienic. With these, you will rise to the heights of your culinary skills!

Looking for a reliable supplier of N2O chargers? That’s us!

We are a distributor of high-quality nitrous oxide with which you will make whipped cream or sauces literally in a matter of seconds. We offer tried-and-tested products that are popular with professionals from the catering industry around the world. Opt for an N2O charger to make your favourite showpiece dish, to decorate desserts even more impressively, yet conveniently and quickly, and to be able to experiment in the kitchen the way you like it – for the benefit of your customers!